Geoffrey Wetherell is an Assistant Professor of psychology at Florida Atlantic University. Geoffrey recently relocated to Boca Raton with his spouse and cats. Geoffrey was born and raised in San Diego California. He graduated with his bachelor’s degree from San Diego State University and his Ph.D. from DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois.

Professionally and personally, he is interested worldview conflict and the way our strongly held beliefs provide us with a sense of meaning in life. He is also involved in community service projects and student mentoring. In his spare time, Geoffrey enjoys running, playing pickleball, and has recently become a bonsai tree grower and enthusiast.

Three Interconnected Areas of Research

Examining how stereotypes about social groups relate to support or opposition to policies intended to help them.

This line of research shows that the perception that specific groups violate cherished values predicts opposition to aid-based policies.

Worldview conflict, particularly the manner in which it applies to politics.

This line of research shows that liberals and conservatives alike see their rivals as violating their values, a pattern that relates to the endorsement of discriminatory behavior.

How our moral and political beliefs create a sense of meaning in life.

This line of research suggests that our moral beliefs provide a sense of predicability and purpose.

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